Why sanctions against Russia are so important

Ukraine is a country in Eastern Europe, which has a thousand-year history and was located at the crossroads of the Austro-Hungarian, Russian and Ottoman empires and was able to preserve its language and culture. It has the largest territory in Europe and is the founder of the United Nations. Most of today's territory of Ukraine was been seizing by the Russian empire. During the First World War, Ukraine had a short 3-year period of independence, then, under the rights of a separate republic, Ukraine joined the Soviet Union under the coercion of communist Moscow. All this time, for centuries, the Russians have been trying to assimilate Ukrainians, to make Ukrainian the "language of the village" and Russian the "language of the elite". Koreans are "familiar" with this model of influencing the local language and culture during the Japanese occupation.


Today's Russian "denazification" are claims to the resumption of the studing the native language by Ukrainian children in our schools. You just imagine such a situation in Korea, that Japan is against the restoration of the Korean language in Korea! After the disintegration of the Soviet Union, Ukraine started the period of tolerant restoration of its own language, culture, decommunization, building a market economy and democracy for the last 30 years. Ukraine has set the goals (and incorporated those goals into Constitution) to join the European Union and NATO's military alliance, to defend itself. Ukraine is a peaceful country that voluntarily destroyed nuclear weapons in the 1990s, then was the world's third largest owner nuclear weapons.


Russia is neighboring country also had a short 10-year period of democracy building after the disintegration of the Soviet Union, but after Putin came to power, which has controlled Russia for the past 20 years, Russia gradually turned into an autocracy. Country without fair elections, without freedom of speech, closed all non-state media, banned Facebook, Instagram, blocked YouTube and TikTok. Russia is turning into North Korea. According to Putin, the biggest tragedy of the 20th century is the collapse of the Soviet Union. You can watch the Soviet Union is being restored now and not only territorially but also ideologically.


That the Soviet Union which divided the Korean people. All Korean investors should a soberly assess the situation. Russia today is a totalitarian country that nationalizes the property of investors from democracies. As longer Korean investors stay in this country, the more losses will have to be recorded in the future. The war in Ukraine only exposed the true essence of Russia. Russia wants to drag with it into the totalitarian hell and Ukraine, so today in Ukraine there is a line of confrontation between the democratic free world, to which belongs the Republic of Korea and autocracy, the totalitarian regime to which North Korea and Russia. Korean technology and semiconductors used by rogue country to produce weapons. The purchase of oil, gas and coal in Russia provides for aggressor country fund to the military and deepen the world's nuclear threat. The production and sale of cars and household appliances in Russia creates the illusion for the population of a totalitarian country that they live in a normal country and that their tyrant is pursuing the right policy.